Our Story

In the beginning...

When Viktoria Fisch was a child, you would most likely have found her in her tiny second floor bathroom mixing batches of her lotions and potions, clogging up the drains with all sorts of"unusual and special ingredients". When Ebba, Viktoria's Mom would call upstairs to her daughter asking what she was up to, she would usually get the same squeaky reply: "Mom I'm busy creating".

Not much has changed since then, except perhaps the bathroom and the ingredients...

Online at shopebba.com or in store in Katonah, NY, Ebba is the culmination of a little girl's dream that made her feel abundant within.

Everything you find at Ebba is made with love. 

Imagination is the key. You have to dream about a scent, a mood, an emotion before a perfume or a candle or anything else has a chance to come to life.

Only do what you love, which you dreamed of. Then and only then, you can create something truly special.

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